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globalbridge provides HR departments and recruiters with a searchable, fully customisable database which can identify individuals who satisfy the specific skills, interest and goals your company is looking for in a quick, easy and cost effective manner.

As a business you can create your own globalbridge profile page, where you can advertise employment roles and opportunities within your business. By doing this, you can actively search for staff and potential candidates can search for you.

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globalbridge provides a connection – a bridge – between young people and the next step from education to professional life. It ensures that you can access, contact and recruit the correct person, invite potential candidates for interviews and apprenticeships, which will significantly increase retention rates, satisfaction and success.

It is designed to be much more than an online cv or an electronic application form by providing the key relevant information recruiters want.

Imagine having access to videos of an engineer’s work, images of graphic designer’s projects and a musician’s podcasts: well, globalbridge can allow you to do this while also seeing their CV.


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