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globalbridge is a media rich, online CV platform, that bridges the gap between you, education establishments and employers, to ensure your pupils get to the next level successfully.

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globalbridge gives schools a profile and marketplace for their students 16+ to be recruited by higher education establishments and employers. The database also allows schools to make contacts with higher education establishments and build relationships to secure their pupils’ futures. They will have the ability to market their links which allows them to ensure their pupils successfully get to the next level in the educational journey.

As a school, you can create your own globalbridge profile, to advertise courses, and even employment opportunities for internal positions. By doing this, you can actively search for potential staff.


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  • Kieran McLaughlin - Headmaster, Durham School

    "“Global Bridge offers young people the potential to display their talents, whatever they are, in a way that gets them noticed by top flight universities and employers. We are delighted to be involved.”"