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globalbridge is a media rich, online CV platform that bridges the gap between you and universities and employers.

It is an online marketplace which allows you to create a profile showcasing not only your educational history but your talents, achievements and ambitions through videos, images and soundbites.

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globalbridge provides the opportunity to create an attractive, multimedia profile which shows who you are as an individual, your educational background and any media examples of your talents, such as videos, images and audio clips to be uploaded and played. Imagine a platform which allows you to demonstrate exactly what you can offer a university or employer. globalbridge gives you that platform!

This secure profile can then be accessed by companies and universities, who are looking for someone with your talent.

With a globalbridge platform, you can search university courses and jobs they have on offer while significantly enhancing your application with videos, images and soundbites. Whether your talent is in sport, music, drama, a straight A student or future engineer, your profile will be identifiable and accessible to schools, universities and businesses offering the opportunities you are seeking.


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  • Alex Brown - University of Edinburgh

    "‘Globalbridge enabled me to put my talents onto the forefront of technological representation to potential employers – an invaluable, unique tool of advanced media giving me a huge advantage leading to endless opportunities’"

  • Ruari Bell - University of St Andrews

    "‘Globalbridge proved that my exam results weren’t everything I gained from my school days to help with my university application. With my Global-Bridge profile showcasing my rugby highlights, music compositions and acting experiences, it enabled me to showcase more than just a standard application. I am looking forward to the doors Global Bridge can open for me as I progress through university and into employment.’"